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Contractors and Temporary Workers Specialist Service

". . . No, the office is one thing, and private life is another. When I go into the office, I leave the Castle
behind me, and when I come into the Castle, I leave the office behind me. . . ."

Charles Dickens

ArmwrestleThe question as to whether someone is employed or self employed is not as straightforward as it might at first appear. Many people assume they are free to choose, but this is not the case. see IR35 Defence

Maple provides a pro-active accounting and taxation service to Contractors and temporary workers throughout the UK wishing to comply with IR35 and operate as a Limited Company.

Whilst the needs of contractors are broadly similar to any small limited company, they are also complicated by specific legislation which add significantly to the admin and compliance burdens. Maple will alleviate the burden of administration and tax that comes with contracting work allowing you to get on with what you do best, assured in the knowledge that your compliance obligations will be met accurately and on-time.

Maple provides you with a highly tailored and relevant accounting and tax solution. We do not operate Umbrella or Composite company schemes as we believe that a Limited company option works best for professional contractors in the long run. We also focus on contractors with their own - owner managed companies so that we can maintain and develop the high level of expertise that we possess in this area.

Our clients are able to significantly increase their net earnings by enjoying the benefits of being the shareholders and Directors in their own Limited companies. Also there are no risks to expenses being re-interpreted as emoluments which would be a concern from 6 April 2007 for contractors operating through Umbrella company or Composite company schemes. Your costs and administrative burden are significantly decreased as we undertake payroll and a large part of the accounting paperwork, whilst minimising your tax liabilities.
See our helpsheet on IR35.

The service we provide for your monthly fee will include:

  • The setting up of a new Limited company to your specification.
  • Notification to the Registrar of Companies of the first accounting date
  • Application to be VAT registered.
  • Application to H.M. Revenue & Customs to operate a PAYE scheme.
  • Assistance in opening a Company bank account.
  • Submission of quarterly VAT returns within 30 days of each quarter end.
  • Monthly bank reconciliation.
  • Monthly payslips and monthly operation of the PAYE scheme.
  • Preparation of the yearly P35, P14, P60`s relating to the PAYE scheme.
  • Preparation of annual accounts ready for submission to Companies House and the Taxation Authorities.
  • Prepare and execute all statutory documentation relating to your duties as a director of a company.

What do you do:
Use our pre formatted spreadsheets to record invoices you have raised
Give us details of your expenses incurred (we consult with you fully at the outset to ensure that you know exactly what can be claimed to maximise the income).
Pass any other relevant data on to us – bank statements etc.
Then we do the rest.

Fee Structure
£130 plus VAT per month for our fully comprehensive service including taxation advice on how to legally minimise your taxation costs.

Corporation Tax 
At the end of each financial year of trading, depending on your individual strategy there may be a Corporation Tax liability and should this be the case we will prepare and submit all relevant forms to the Inland Revenue after thorough discussion with you. Even if there is no tax liability due, all companies are required to file a corporation tax return once a year and we will complete this for you inclusive of your monthly fee.

Company Accounts and Statutory Work
We prepare and file Annual accounts and Annual returns for you, once they have been agreed by you.

Please contact us if you have any queries on this service or ask a question.


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